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Photo of Feng Zhang

Feng Zhang

I just purchased homeowner and rental insurance from ALLWIN last week , the price were pretty good, Cherry in ALLWIN was really nice, she explained every detail for me, So I felt good, I trust and like ALLWIN !
Photo of A Little Fish Loyal

A Little Fish Loyal

I have home and auto insurance with Allwin Insurance for 7 years. This is the best Agency in my heart. This agency take the customer as the center. They can take a lot of time to explain every policy detail to ask customers to know what will be covered in these policy. I remembered I had a claim, but I didn't know how to file to get indemnity, An agent of Allwin take 2 hours to help me file claim, then contacted adjuster to follow up. I was hugely impressed by this. I really want to post the agent's name here. but she won't let me say. Did you see any agency which can do so like that, I want to say " No", because everybody know that "Time is Money". In addition, I really appreciate Allwin's Boss "Deqing Yang" because I got his help two times in weekend. I really appreciate him. So, trust me, this is the best agency.
Photo of Robert Lee

Robert Lee

With highly recommendation from my realtor, I have been with Mr. Yang for almost six years. Yesterday, I came across his reviews, it was ‘1’ the lowest possible number, I believe that I should write a positive review according to my experiences with Mr. Yang, to counter balance the low reviews. Mr. Yang has been willing to solve my problems when I had with his agents. Mr. Yang has been trying to find the best possible insurances for me. I am grateful.
Photo of Stella Huang

Stella Huang

I select AllWin insurance to buy home and auto insurance from this year.
The agent James Zhang shared 3 quotes for my home, and call us to explain the details to help us to select the most valuable quote patiently, which gives me very good and profensional impression.
2 months later I bought a new house, I called James to get HO3 quote for my new home, and he remid me to change the former home policy from HO3(self use) to DP3(Renting).Now I transfered my Auto insurance to Allwin too.
After that I put all my estate to this agency and want James to help me to arrange the insurance policy.
If my friends want to get some consult about insurance , I will not be hesitate to recommend James to them.
Photo of Lebron James

Lebron James

I am a old customer and the comment below said that it was not cheap at all, but we all know he's lying because he employing almost discounted my insurance by 15 percent. That's crazy. They have very good customer service.

The Kelly Harris Insurance Agency offers a wide variety of insurance products, including car, home, life, and business insurance. We are committed to providing clients with the highest quality insurance plans available combined with some of the lowest possible rates. Whether you are shopping for auto insurance, home insurance, life or business insurance, we can help you obtain the best coverage available with the lowest rate possible. 

All of us at Kelly Harris Insurance Agency truly value the long term relationship with our clients, and are proud to give families, individuals and businesses the personal attention required when it matters most. When claims arise, we realize that it can be very stressful and will do everything possible to assure timely and complete recovery.
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